Top 10 Iconic Dialogue From Mirzapur That Will Force You To look Forward To Mirzapur Season 2

Check out these badass Mirzapur dialogue that will make you want to re-watch the whole season again.

Mirzapur caught mass attention as it was released in 2018 adding to it some spice with its badass dialogue along with humor and wit made it more famous. The whole series definitely deserves its praises as to how on point every single thing from Dialogue delivery, Characters, and the script were. The story is bold, edgy, powerful and words haven’t been minced between characters.

What made this series get rave reviews were how the dialogues were said one after another that one would end up missing out on some of the best dialogues. The intensity set new standards and made everyone fall in love with how badass the series was which had the exact amount of spice making it so good that we just can’t wait for Mirzapur Season 2 to be released.

Here are some top Mirzapur dialogues that will make you look forward to its season 2

  1. “Mata ji yahan hai, Behen yahan hai, Maa-Behen ek karne mein aasani hogi.” – Munna BhaiyyaMirzapur Dialogue

  2. “Suru majboori mein kiye the….. Ab maza aa raha hai.” – Guddu PanditMirzapur Dialogue

  3. “Ch***ya hain tumhara ladka.“

    “Ch***ya hain woh important nahi hai. Hamara ladka hai, Woh important hai.” – Kaleen BhaiyyaMirzapur Dialogue

  4. “Oh Bhos***i waley Chacha. Rest kariye, varna Rest in Peace ho jaoge!” – Munna BhaiyyaMirzapur Dialogue

  5. “Zindagi ho toh aisi ho, Zinda toh jh***t ke baal bhi hain.” – Guddu Pandit Mirzapur Dialogue

  6. “Middle-class aadmi, aadmi nahi ch***** hota hai. Ch*****.” – Guddu PanditMirzapur Dialogue

  7. SAALE HORAN GA**D ME DAAL DEGE ABI. PO PO PO!! HELICOPTER BAN KE JAOGE KA BAAT KAR RHE HAINA….BSDK NIKAL!! – Guddu Pandit                                Mirzapur Dialogue

  8. Attack me bhi gun, defense me bhi gun, Hum banayenge Mirzapur ko Amrica! – Guddu PanditMirzapur Dialogue


  10. DAR KI YEHI DIKKAT HAI KABHI BHI KHATAM HOSAKTA HAI!! – Kaleen BhaiyaMirzapur Dialogue

These were the best dialogue from Mirzapur Season 1 and make sure you watch Ali Fazal get The Ultimate ‘Hulk Makeover’ For Mirzapur 2.

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