Super 30 Sequel: Anand Kumar and Dr. Biju Mathew Open Up About a Sequel to Super 30

The revelation of Super 30's sequel is made by none other than Anand Kumar, whom the film is based on. 

Hey… Have you watched Hrithik Roshan starrer Super 30? If you loved the movie the makers of the film will soon come up with a sequel to Super 30. The revelation of Super 30’s sequel is made by none other than Anand Kumar, whom the film is based on.

In an Exclusive interaction with Bollywood Hungama, renowned mathematician Anand Kumar said. “I am telling you a secret- Just like I was in talks with Biju Mathew, I’ve been in talks with Sanjeev Dutta (writer of Super 30) as well that how we can make a part 2. We keep discussing that. The story should move forward because the story that we showed in this film (Super 30) is just about one year when the result came out. After that my struggle only increased.”

Notably, the news of Super 30’s sequel comes a few days before Hrithik Roshan starrer is all set to be screened at the prestigious International Indian Film Festival, Toronto.

Anand Kumar along with Dr Biju Mathew (the author of Anand Kumar: Changing the world 30 students at a time) shared how much time the book took to get it completed and how it was instrumental in being turned into a blockbuster film.

Dr Biju Mathew revealed that he is considering to write another book on what happened to Anand Kumar after his innovative coaching school made a rocking start.

“I have not shared this one with Anand bhai but subsequent to the success, he is still going through difficulties, he is still going through harassment. As you probably know they have tried to kill his brother Pranav bhai just before the release of the movie. I think this was towards the end of 2019 or 2018 something like that and his workers have been harassed. People know about this but it would be spectacular on a screen. You have to see how people with their narrow way of thinking can put people into difficulties. But with whole courage and determination, he is moving forward in his life. And I’m so proud of him for that,” said Dr. Biju Mathew who is a practicing psychiatrist in Vancouver, Canada.

However, there has been no official announcement regarding a sequel to Super 30.

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