In a Krrish style Hrithik Roshan responds why he smokes in front of his kids

Hrithik Roshan gave a fitting reply to an intrigued social media fan

With his classic ‘Greek God’ looks, Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan has been stealing hearts worldwide for over decades now. Coupled with a jaw-dropping athletic physique and unconventional dance moves, he is a combination any new actor should get intimidated by. However to attain such a well-built physique and maintain on-screen enthusiasm, it takes to follow a strict regimen with utmost dedication.

Seems like all other tinsel town celebs, Hrithik is also having the time of his life getting quarantined with his family Hrithik Roshan has moved in with ex-wife Sussane Khan to be with their two sons to make the most of the times they get to spend together. Sussane, recently posted a picture of the handsome father in quite a deep conversation with the boys, Hrehaan and Hridaan on her Twitter handle.

Fans, after seeing the post went gaga all over the picture as expected. However, one of his fans got really confused about the post and was intrigued to know if Hritik was smoking around his kids.

She tweeted “Does @iHrithik have a cigarette in his hand or am I seeing wrong? I hope you don’t @ihrithik. It makes me very sorry.

Hrithik instantly took to clear her doubt and replied:

“I am a non-smoker, and if I was Krrish, first thing I would do after eradicating this virus would be to decimate every last cigarette from this planet(sic).”

On a serious note, guess, we all are hoping for a Krrish to save us from the pandemic right now!

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