Faqeer: Hrish Tandon Is Back With First Ever Digital Music Diary

The T-series Pop Chartbuster ‘Phir Se Wahi’ artist, Rishabh Tandon who performed under the alias name Hrish Tandon, is back to the world of music and is ready to start his journey as Faqeer – Living Limitless.

All artists have their own journey that moulds their unique story. Rishabh Tandon is one such artist, an artist with a story to tell, a journey to share. Over the years, we’ve known many artists running merely after fame but there are very few who actually get this fame.

Faqeer Hrish Tandon Look

Here we have an artist who was running after what he loved, Music; and saw fame along the way. Led to a much bigger project, one that the world has never seen before; the first-ever 365-day digital musical narrative. The project is not a commercial one as of now but is definitely promising and exclusive. This venture starts with a journey, which sets the character of Rishabh Tandon as Faqeer.

During the writing process of the movie Faqeer, we decided that the project must be based upon his real-life experiences; beginning with a general build-up of content and eventually gravitate to a different emotional theme every few months.

The themes would depict a journey, starting with Anger that evokes rebellion, then comes Fear that was always concealed by the anger, Power comes in the process of getting rid of the fear, then comes Love which makes him free like the ocean, love leads towards Passion, the path of passion ushers him into Obsession, and at the end of it all comes ‘Grief’. All the creative content that would go up on different digital platforms would all follow these different emotional themes.

Faqeer Hrish Tandon

The content comprises of teasers, motion pictures, audio bites, video bites, written content, photographs, narratives, music videos – original songs, religiously inspired songs, tribute songs, shayaris and much more, all delivered through digital platforms. The journey will have four female narrators, two will be fresh launches and two known celebrity faces to be revealed in due time. This entire journey shown over the course of these 365 days would culminate into a story; the story of Faqeer’s character

A compilation of all the original musical content would create a tale; this is the tale we seek to share with the world eventually in the form of a movie.

In this era of marketing, one might wonder why Rishabh Tandon has decided to release all his music on the digital platform. However, we truly believe that the platform doesn’t matter when the music comes from the heart. Whatever the journey may be, whatever the story to be told, it’ll be a story with its own soul.

Faqeer Hrish Tandon

One year from the completion of the digital series, the first look for our film Faqeer will be released on the same social media channels. The movie is a musical based on Romeo and Juliet, the story of an artist, of lost love. Our Project lies beneath the surface of the real-life story of Faqeer, which will have the foundation of known technicians and exceptional crew from the film industry to provide for a one of its kind audiovisual experience of the character and his story to its audience.

The film features Faqeer playing himself as a Rockstar ready to reveal his life story and does not intend to use this as a medium to launch himself as an actor. For him, Music is his only one true love, passion and life.

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