Here’s How to Lower Your Cardiovascular risk In An Hour: Study

Anxiety and stress have become a challenge in day to day life. They disturb millions of people every day and cause long-term effects on health. If you are looking for ways to combat anxiety and stress, experts have revealed an exercise which might give you relief in an hour and reduce heart risk.

From the last two decade, meditation and perception have become popular precautions in healthy living. Meditation has evolved as a legitimate player in the fight against cardiovascular disease and other conditions increased by stress.

However, medical science found that meditation had unique effects on both physical and mental symptoms of anxiety and stress. In fact, after one hour of meditation, there was a significant change in blood vessel wall stiffness — showing less stress or pressure on their arteries and vein — immediately after one-hour meditation.

How to reduce Cardiovascular risk?

As a result of these early research, the experts suggest people can start to see psychological and physical changes from a single introductory session of meditation — and possibly even lower their cardiovascular risk.

While this study is not very large but yet to be published in a medical journal, the experts suggest it will help open a new journey of research.

Overall, more studies will be needed to clarify what role meditation would play in reducing the cardiac problem, but, say, researchers, “we are extremely inspired by the findings.” That’s why the experts say that people interested in improving their heart health should consider it, as long as they are doing the different things that have been scientifically proven to lower heart disease risk.

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