How To Get Comments Sticker On Instagram Story?

Find out here's how to get comments sticker on Instagram story.


Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp are ruling the lives of people. These apps are pioneers in upgrading themselves to new and exciting features to keep the audience entertained.

It seems that Instagram has got a newfound love for stickers that one can add to their story feature. The Instagram story comments feature is attracting a lot of attention as people are trying to figure out how to add that feature on their apps as well.

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The sticker is called the ‘comments’ sticker, which allows one to comment on the person’s story directly on it. This will get comments and discussions going on that particular story that the person has added.

How to get stickers on Instagram story

As per a report on an online source, the comments sticker feature is yet on trial phase. Therefore, only a limited amount of countries are able to use comments sticker on Instagram story. It is yet to be introduced in India.

A Twitter user named Jane Manchun Wong shared on her account that Instagram is working on this sticker. He also revealed that it is described as the ‘discussion sticker’.

Instagram already has a variety in a collection of stickers that one can use in order to express themselves on their Instagram story. In reality, some have functional purposes, others are just to add a funky and decorative look to the story. One can also add GIFs as stickers, which has led to people innovate with it more.

A recent sticker that was introduced by Instagram was the ‘Stay Home’ sticker. This came in after many countries in the world went under lockdown. This feature conveys everybody to strictly adhere to government restrictions. When added to the story, the Stay Home app adds your story automatically to an overall story blob. This blog includes all the stories of the people that you follow, only those that include the ‘Stay Home’ sticker.



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