Hostages 2: Anangsha Biswas opens up about her Character and preparation

Mirzapur 2 actress Anangsha Biswas opens up about character in Hostages 2.

Mirzapur fame Anangsha Biswas is all set for the release of her upcoming web series which is the second installment of Hostages, Starring Ronit Roy, Anangsha Biswas, Tiscca Chopra, and others.

Due, to the lockdown all the series and movie release date was put on hold, but now according to the new guideline some part of the lockdown is getting open and the things are expecting to be normal.

Our, entertainment industry is waiting for some good news for them. We all know that to make a movie many people have put the hard work to entertain us, and for actors, it is a hard process to act in front of the camera.

Acting is not just reading lines and repeating them in front of the camera. You have to take your mind and have to go through some physical and intense preparation. Hostage 2 actress Anangsha Biswas talked about her character how she found Hyma.

“Hyma was a very challenging part for me to crack in the beginning. I’m known for being able to express my emotional range, but here I needed to be poker-faced, showing no trace of emotion for most of the time other than anger and lust. It was a beautiful fun journey, finding Hyma. The whole team including Sudhir Mishra sir, Sachin Krishnan sir helped a lot. We did months of rehearsal and action training so by the time we reached the set we were all ready to kill it,” says Anangsha Biswas.

For an actor more than performing in front of the camera, they feel happy when their character is been appreciated. Anangsha Biswas also has some similar expectations from this series. “I enjoyed essaying hyma…learnt a lot from being here. Expectations are the road to misery, hence no real expectation other than the hope that Hyma touches the audience’s heart.” Anangsha Biswas said.

Anangsha Biswas as lots of series and movies lined up for 2020 release which is Hostages 2 and Mirzapur 2. Apart from that, there is some more project which she will announce very soon.

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