Lockdown Reading: Here’s A List Of 10 Spooky Novels To Binge-Read Amid The Lockdown

Here's a list of spooky and thrilling reads to escape the horrid year 2020

This quarantine is all about picking up our old hobbies. Apart from showing our culinary skills in the kitchen, books have been recognised for letting us being part of different stories. While literature is enthralling and inspiring, it can also send chills down the spine of anyone. No, we’re not talking of bad authors, but about horror stories.

Pick up one (or more) of these spooky and thrilling tales to escape the horror that is the year 2020. Here’s a list:

1.The Shining by Stephen King

The list of horror novels remains incomplete without the mention of Stephen King and his commendable work. The Shining remains one of King’s classics till date. The success of this book highlighted him as a renowned author of this genre. The way King writes about Jack Torrance’s descent into madness will make it difficult for you to get a peaceful night’s sleep.

The Shining

2.IT by Stephen King

Known for its huge page count, IT follows the story of seven children, together called The Losers’ Club. It deals with their experiences as they are constantly scared by an evil entity that exploits the fears of its victims, disguising itself while hunting its prey. The book also inspired a film by the same name in 2017.


3.Pet Sematary by Stephen King

Pet Sematary is one of King’s other terrific works that is sure to steal your peaceful night sleep. The book is the story of a magical cemetery where buried things come back to life.

Pet Sematary

4.The Terrifying Tales by Edgar Allan Poe

Poe’s remarkable work has one of a kind way of getting under the skin of its readers and giving them the perfect scare. This book captures the writer’s brilliant work, all in one volume, including stories like The Tell-Tale Heart, The Cask of Amontillado, The Masque of the Red Death, The Fall of the House of Usher, and The Murders in the Rue Morgue.

Terrifying Tales

5.The Haunting Of Hill house by Shirley Jackson

Considered to be one of the best literary horror stories published during the 20th century, the book inspired a Netflix series recently. This book is one of the best haunted-house stories ever written. It is the story of four seekers who arrive at an unfriendly place called Hill House, and the spine-chilling tale that follows.

The Haunting of hill house

6.House Of Leaves by Mark Z Danielewski

House of Leaves is the debut novel of American author Mark Z Danielewski. This book is a terrifying tale of a young family that moves into a small home, where they discover something weird and unnatural – their house is spacious on the inside than looks from the outside.

House of leaves

7.Ghost Stories From The Raj by Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond may be a beloved children’s author or penning down the perfect romance, but the writer is capable of giving you the most vivid nightmares with his choice of words too. This book is a collection of short stories, based on the paranormal accounts of British officers who lived in India during the British Raj.

Ghost Stories from the raj

8.Lord Of The Flies by Wiiliam Golding

Here, William Golding turns the classic tale of an island adventure story into something much more horrifying with his satire. The book focuses on a group of British boys stuck on an uninhabited island and their disastrous attempt to govern themselves. In the book, Golding interrogates the very roots of human nature and violence.

Lord of the flies

9.Bird Box by Josh Malerman

The book was made into a Netflix film in 2018, but one thing is for sure, the book is even more sinister than the movie. The thing that makes this post-apocalyptic novel scary is the hopelessness and the fact that nobody is aware of the mysterious creatures.

Bird Box

10.A face in the Dark by Ruskin Bond

This book has oodles of paranormal tales where Bond tries to make the supernatural seem natural, and friendly too, somewhere, if one might add. This one by Ruskin Bond is a treat for the lovers of the horror genre.

A face in the dark

News Source: IndiaToday

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