Horoscope For Today 20th August 2020: Aries, Leo And Other Signs’ Astrological Predictions

Check out these astrological predictions based on your zodiacs

Know your cards well to find out what is in store for you for this day:


Aries, it’s time to carpe diem on the weird and wonderful ideas that are sneaking in. Remember to maintain an air of mystery while you’re at it. Not everybody deserves to know at what lies beyond the veil. Besides, you don’t want the fake ones to rip your idea off before you’ve had the chance to sit down with it. You never know what your endeavours may lead to.


The cards want you to be aware that you are entering into a period of abundance. So, believe in your dream. Be consistent in your efforts. And don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. In the realm of relationships, some of you could be struggling with issues related to freedom and expression.


Our childhood experiences have a huge role to mold us into the person we are today. The love you received (or didn’t) continues to be a part of your story, one that determines your relationship dynamics with others in your life. But you get to decide whether you want to carry such pieces of you into the future, or free yourself from the burden of your past. Meditation, self-reflection and journaling will help you find the answers you seek.


Cancer, take a moment. Have an open and honest conversation with your partner. Understand where the issues are cropping up from. It’s time to vent out the old story and the pain attached with it. Remember, your parents were acting from a space of limitations.  Maybe it’s time to practice forgiveness.


Life isn’t always a bed of roses. How terribly dull would things be if everything looked picture-perfect all the time! Today, the cards are pleading you to say a prayer of gratitude for the tiny turbulence too. Know that this pain is also a lesson, and helping you break away the false layers that are standing between you and your true self. Some of you could be experiencing ups and downs on the health and wellness front too.


Seems like your weekend mood is already in. Some of you may feel inspired to relate yourself with your reading list. Herb magick and aromatherapy are some of the practices that will help you connect with yourself *and* Mother Earth on a deeper level.


The ones expected are not just into you, Libra. The truth is, you deserve a love that’s over-the-top and dramatic—in the early stages, at least. The cards are urging you to understand the red flags and let go of what isn’t yours. On the flipside, Be aware of your creative urges. There is something sacred waiting to be born through you.


Truly, it all seems haywire that is taking place right now. Today, the cards are earnestly requesting you to embrace the myths and the mysteries, and everything in between. The unknown is where the magic lies. Connecting with nature is also going to be a big step. Take your yoga mat downstairs or spend some time walking barefoot in the soft green grass.


Today, you are being advised to trust the divine messages pouring through. Remember, we all have our own unique ways of rearing this connection. Silence goes a long way for some, while movement meditation opens higher realms for others.


Matters of the heart are being the centre of attention, Capricorn. Warmly welcome the love you have so freely been giving to others. You deserve every bit of the goodness you have attracted into your Universe. Some of you may be feeling a spark with somebody in your social circle. This may be once-in-a lifetime connection!


Calling it quits with somebody you love is seldom easy. But you’ve surrendered your heart and soul the place they needed to heal from this loss. It looks like an apt time to venture yourself into the path of romance again. The cards want to convey that the dream love you desire and deserve are not distant. So take a step into the future knowing that the mystical forces have got your back!


People are always going to bombard you with their views and tips. But, it’s up to you to decide whether or not their beliefs get to control your perception of the real world. Stay true to your own truth and highly committed to the path, Pisces, knowing that victory will finally touch your feet. There will be moments when you will be tempted to stoop down to their level and strike back.

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