Hollywood Upset Over Ricky Gervais’ Comments During The Golden Globes

It looks like British Comedian, Film Director, and Actor Ricky Gervais has ruffled some feathers of the Hollywood elites during his Golden Globes presentation. Ricky hosted the Golden Globes for the fifth time and made every second count bashing and making fun of celebrities.

Of all the jokes that hit, the one where he called most of the celebrities child molester accused Jeffery Epstein’s friend had the biggest reaction, Jeffery Epstein mysteriously committed suicide while being under suicide watch as his case was being heard.

Ricky Gervais also made sure that he would remind the people in attendance that there is a world and that no one wants to hear about their story. He advised them to thank their agent and god and leave the podium in a rather unpleasant way.

While he had just said this a number of Hollywood celebrities did the exact opposite and used this platform to make their voices heard.

A-listers like Jeniffer Aniston and Russel Crowe spoke about Australian fires and Patricia Arquette had the War with Iran and its consequences to talk about.

Ricky Gervais always had the penchant of pulling jokes on unsuspecting celebrities in front of the entire world on live TV and has done it every chance he’s gotten at the Golden Globes.

Ricky Gervais has been outspoken with all of his work, he is most famous for creating the show The Office, which was later remade with an American cast. He is currently working on After Life and in the post-production of the second season of the show.

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