This Hera Pheri Quiz Will Help You to Find Out Which Character You Relate To The Most!

This Hera Pheri quiz will help you to find out which character are you

Hera Pheri became a classic hit and due credit goes to the brilliant comical chemistry between Akshay Kumar (Rajveer Shrivastav ‘Raju’), Sunil Shetty (Ghanshyam ‘Shyam’ Bhatia), and Paresh Rawal (Baburao Ganpatrao Apte ‘Babu Bhaiya’).

Below is a quiz that will help you to determine which Hera Pheri character you relate to the most.

The Hera Pheri Quiz:

There is no right or wrong answer in this quiz. Whichever option you choose, it will help you determine which Hera Pheri character you relate to the most.

There are six questions in total and they have been based on scenes from the Hera Pheri movie series.

1) You are looking to rent a room, but the other tenant calls you a thief and tries to kick you out in front of the landlord. How would you react?
1.Get annoyed but try to explain your side of the story
2.Lose your temper and start fighting.
3.Don’t get flustered and listen to all sides of the story carefully.

ques 1
Image courtesy- Hera Pheri

2) One guy has been waiting to use the bathroom for a while, but one of his roommates pushes him back, rushes inside the bathroom and then locks the door. The two then start arguing and a third man tries to resolve the situation. Who are you in this situation?
1.The guy who is waiting and then got pushed back
2.The roommate who forcefully got inside the bathroom
3.The middleman who is trying to resolve the argument

Ques 2
Image Courtesy-Hera Pheri

3) You and two of your friends are fighting with each other. Suddenly, a woman walks up to your doorstep and is confused by what is going on. How do you react to this situation?
1.You are the guy who notices her first
2.You are the guy who makes up an excuse
3.You are the guy who is so agitated that he does not say anything.

Ques 3
Image Courtesy -Hera Pheri

4) You are going to win the lottery. How do you react?
1.Keep living normally
2.Start planning for your future as a millionaire.
3.Overreact and start overspending even before you get any money.

Ques 4
Image Courtesy- Hera Pheri

5) You are under a lot of stress and have no clear way of resolving your problems. How do you act in this situation?
1.You pretend to be calm and composed but you actually are clueless on how to act
2.You work well under pressure and come up with a plan.
3.Breakdown and start acting irrationally.

Ques 5
Image Courtesy-Hera Pheri

6) Someone is threatening you for money at gunpoint, but you are completely broke. How would you resolve this problem?
1.Try to explain that you have nothing
2.Bargain with the robber and try to distract him.
3.Lose your cool and insult him.

Hera Pheri Quiz
Image Courtesy-Phir Hera Pheri

The answer key for Hera Pheri Quiz

•If you’ve answered mostly 1 – then you are Ghanshyam ‘Shyam’ Bhatia, Suniel Shetty’s character
•If you’ve answered mostly 2 – then you are Rajveer Shrivastav ‘Raju’, Akshay Kumar’s character
•If you’ve answered mostly 3 – then you are Baburao Ganpatrao Apte ‘Babu Bhaiya’, Paresh Rawal’s character

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