Malegaon: Hasnain Raza Who Lost Both The Hands In an Accident Wants To Be CA

JUST take a pause, breath and think, What would you do if you were born with no hands or legs? How would you eat, drink, play or chat when you wouldn’t have hands? Do you know? there are people in the world who don’t have hands or legs but they are an inspiration for millions.

You may have heard the name of a motivational speaker Nick Vujicic, who was born with no hands or legs but he does everything as we common people do. Have you ever heard the name of a girl Annie Clark? She was also born with no hands but she never gave up and her disability does not seem to pose any problems for her. Annie Clark has also won United States handwriting National Penmanship Award.

You may have heard or read about Nick Vujicic or Annie Clark but now we are going to introduce you a Malegaon based student, Hasnain Raza who was born like a normal boy but lost his both the hands in an accident when he was merely 8-year-old.

Malegaon: Hasnain Raza Wants To Be CA

Hasnain Raza, who currently do not have any hands now pursuing his graduation in Malegaon’s GDAB Arts, Science and Commerce college. Hasnain Raza wants to be a chartered accountant, but lacking resources and financial crises making it difficult for him to do so.


Hasnain Raza is a student, pursuing Graduation in Bachelor of Commerce at GDAB commonly known as City college located at Quidwai road in Malegaon. Hasnain Raza is an elder brother of a sister and brother and was the only bread runner of a big joint family after his father Yaqub Shaikh. But, now he is yet to earn a single penny by his own as he is studying and wants to be chartered accountants in future.

He belongs to a poor family who lives in Salim Nagar, Malegaon. When the accident took place he was in class two at Maseeha High School which is barely a kilometre away from his home. After completing his primary education he got admission in a prominent school or College ATT High School and Jr College, where he studied till HSC.

How Did Hasnain Raza lose his hands?

When Raza was in class two, he had gone to his cousin’s terrace to play as he was not mature enough to differentiate between the Electricity wire or thread, he picked the electricity wire by one hand, in which 11,000 volt current was flowing, when he got shocked in one hand he tried to escape it by other hands which made him handicapped from both the hands.

Fortunately, he was left alive and rushed to a Malegaon’s Faran Hospital, wherein an operation was conducted, and both the hands were amputated due to the infection. His parents did what they could have done for the betterment of Hasnain Raza, they spent almost their life saving for the treatment of him, but God may have other plans for Hasnain Raza.

What Hasnain’s Father Yaqub Shaikh has to say?

While talking to Times Trends Yaqub Shaikh told Madam 360, “He was my elder son and hope for me. Hasnain lost his both the hands in an unfortunate accident during his childhood but he has a very sharp mind, he did not lose his intelligence in that accident and he wants to be a chartered accountant and he will be when the day comes. I am proud of him.”

“He may seem like a disabled person for all, but he is perfect and independent for us. He always wants to be an independent person, he does everything by his own and we don’t need to do anything for him,” his father added.

When asked Hasnain Raza, Does he feels himself a disabled person? He said, “I might be a disabled person for all but I am not for my family, they always supported me and helped me when I needed. I don’t think I can’t do a single thing which is done by a normal boy. I don’t have hands but I can play, cricket, carram even better than some normal Person.”

Hasnain’s Mother taught Him to Write

Hasnain’ mother told Madam 360, “When Hasnain lost his both the hands in an unfortunate accident, he was not able to go to school for many days, but somehow he had gathered the courage to go to school and vowed to become an accountant.”

“When he had started going to school, initially he was helpless to write anything on paper but I taught him to write from lips, lost hands and even from his legs. He is a fast learner and he learned that in a short span of time. Now, Hasnain writes good with his half hands,” his mother further said.

I Lost My Hand Not Intelligence, Says Hasnain

“I had lost both the hands but not lost my intelligence and abilities, even my disabilities make me stronger and urge me to do something. Whatever happened to me, I am living like a normal man, who uses smartphones, rides cycles, play cricket or carram. I don’t have any regrets of losing hands. I want to be an inspiration for all not a reason to lose hope, ” Hasnain concluded.

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