Sacred Games 2 or Mirzapur: Which Of These Roles Do You Think Harshita Gaur Nailed It?

Harshita Gaur has flawlessly nailed in sacred games 2 and mirzapur

Harshita Gaur has become a popular face in the sphere of web series. She began her journey as a model first and eventually got into the screens. She has kept us hooked with her unparalleled acting skills and abilities. She is immensely flawless with her expressions and performances on-screen. We love to watch her on a regular basis.

If you all remember Sadda Haq the serial aired on Channel V, then you definitely know who Harshita Gaur is. Her strong portrayal of her character on-screen received huge praises.

Eventually, she has been a part of the two top-rated crime series, Mirzapur and Sacred Games 2, and her performances were worth watching. We couldn’t hold ourselves back but appreciate her bold performances in two of the series.

In Mirzapur, her role Dimpy has been truly bold and bomb for the viewers, and likewise in Sacred Games 2, she too conquered an important role, Mary. She has been a really a delight to look at in both the web series.

Harshita previously in an interview, talking about Mirzapur said, “The experience was awesome and both Pankaj and Ali have done something in ‘Mirzapur’ which no one has seen ever before. It was a treat to watch these two actors perform and learn.”

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