Esra Bilgic aka Halime Sultan gets trolled for wearing ‘inappropriate’ outfit

A recent victim to fall into this vicious online cycle is Halime Sultan. 

Esra Bilgic is a Turkish actress — who gained fame and worldwide recognition by playing Halime Sultan in historical drama series Dirils: Ertugrul. The beautiful actress has found herself at the receiving end for wearing polka dot summer dress.

Taking to Instagram, Esra Bilgic aka Halime Sultan shared a stunning picture of herself but it did not go down well Pakistani fans and called her summer dress an ‘inappropriate’ outfit.

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Trolling and sharing mean comments has become a new normal on social media, more so, if you are a celebrity. Every move is scrutinized, every picture passed judgment to. A recent victim to fall into this vicious online cycle is Halime Sultan.

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As soon as Halime Sultan shared a couple of photos, her Pakistan fans slammed the actress for wearing what they labelled an ‘inappropriate’ dress. Besides criticizing the actress for her dress, there are fans who also requested her to delete her photos from Instagram.

You can check out Halime Sultan’s latest Instagram post here:

Commenting on her post, a user wrote, “Now you are deliberately doing this.. we people give so much respect to you & Halime Sultan .. everyone in Pakistan feels good about Ertugrul.. but now you crossing line with such un-Islamic types of clothing. You look beautiful as Halime.. Masha Allah.. good Islamic dressing is the prettiest in a Woman.. so why you posting such bad dresses. Delete such posts @esbilgic .. it spoils mind of other Muslim women. [sic]”

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There are many fans supporting Halime Sultan for wearing the dress of her choice. A user wrote on Instagram, “You look beautiful and you should wear whatever, whenever you want! Ignore the haters. love from Pakistan.”

Another wrote, “1st of all she is Esra Bilgic not Halima sultan she only just play the character of [Halima Sultan] [sic].”

Earlier, Esra Bilgic had turned off comments on one of her posts after heavily trolled by Pakistan fans.

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