Are you Suffering From Post Lockdown Anxiety? THESE 8 Hacks Can Calm Your Racing Heart!

Post lockdown anxiety can be terrible to your mental health

Governments all around the globe have been pleading people to self-isolate themselves in their homes as a means to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus. However, medical experts are of the opinion that we may have to co-exist with the virus and adapt to a ‘new normal’ as per the situation.

Even with the easing of restrictions, as people gear up to step out of their houses once again, the fear of leaving the house can be crippling. This post-lockdown anxiety can crop up from a myriad of fears and concerns, including the one concerning health issues or unable to protect the loved ones from COVID-19.

Researchers are viewing that a prolonged isolation may lead humans to feel depressed and powerless.

1. How does post lockdown anxiety look like?

Let’s face it! Some degree of anxiety and fear is indeed beneficial in ensuring that we abide by the lockdown manual thoroughly and do not invite troubles for ourselves or others.

However, when the space between taking precautions and panicking get blurry, you need to track for other signs of anxiety. Constantly monitor,whether your sleep cycle has been disrupted or you are constantly filled with worries about future.

2. The post lockdown anxiety

Pondering over uncertainties of the future, the economic slowdown, a global health crisis and the constant fear of whether you or your loved ones contract the viral disease– all work as a perfect blend for post lockdown anxiety. Since achieving a mental balance is essential, we suggest a few hacks to deal with the post lockdown anxiety of stepping out of the home.

Post lockdown anxiety
Post lockdown anxiety

3. Accept the new normal

Not to forget, we are going through a pandemic and all your worries are completely normal. Once you accept the fact that the world is dealing with a pandemic and it may be around for a while, it will become easier to live with it. Situations may vary all the time, but the first step is to stop living in denial and accept that not everything is in our control.

Accept the new normal
Accept the new normal

4. Take one step at a time

Try not to let your mind wander around the future as it may only lead to more anxiety. When things get overwhelming, focus on living through today and getting done with it.

Take one step at a time
Take One Step At a Time

5. Adopt healthy Coping Mechanisms

Make sure to include all sorts of physical activities every day, even if it implies taking a stroll for 30 minutes. Keep an eye on your consumption patterns as your health and well-being should be your topmost priority right now.

Adopt healthy coping strategies
Adopt healthy coping mechanisms

6. Cut down on Coronavirus news

If you are someone who religiously checks the news in the hope of vaccine for COVID-19 or tracks the number of positive cases, immediately find ways to change this habit. Although, it is of utmost significance to be informed about the coronavirus cases around, you don’t have to monitor every single case. Free yourself from all COVID-19 discussions unless they are need of the hour.

cut down on corona news
Cut down on Coronavirus news

7. Seek help when required

Anxious thoughts and feelings have the tendency to pull you down and this might come in your way to get rid of these thoughts even after trying hard. The best thing you can do then, is to seek professional help. During such trying times, several doctors have begun therapies over call, which can work wonders if you don’t feel like stepping out of your home.

seek help when required
Seek Help When Required

8. Decelerate your thoughts

Remember, there is only so much that you can control and your thoughts are on the top of this list. So, while you may not be able to change the face of the pandemic, you can change your reaction to the same and make certain amendments to live your best life, as possible right now. This too shall pass but we do need to be kinder with ourselves, especially during this phase.

Decelerate your thoughts
Decelerate your thoughts

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