Restaurants Are Coming Up With New Contactless Delivery & Dine-in Services Post Lockdown. Tap To Follow The Guide!

Restaurants are coming up with new contactless delivery and dine-in services

Owing to the worldwide pandemic, there have been restrictions imposed especially on physical contact. Earlier, exchange of greetings meant shaking hands or exchanging hugs, but, with the rapid spread of the deadly contagion, greeting each other has taken the form of our traditional ‘namaste’.

Adapting to the new normal and following required social distancing norms, every restaurateur is emphasizing heavily on contactless delivery for the safety of their patrons, even post lockdown. But how does this actually function?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to the contactless delivery service for both delivery and dine in that restaurants are currently catering to restrict the spread of the virus as much as possible. Take a note:

1. Several restaurants are asking patrons to pay online to eliminate the exchange of cash during the time of delivery. Digital payments are highly encouraged at this moment.
2. Contactless delivery also implies that the delivery valet will leave the food item right at your doorstep for you to pick it up.
3. The order comes in a protected food box in a cloth bag that can be disposed off the moment you receive the delivery.
4. The staff preparing the food will be using sanitized gloves throughout while packing the food that has to be delivered to make minimal contact with the prepared food item.
5. Several apps are being installed, which the restaurants are using to share the menu instead of circulating the physical copy. Apps like Fastor are helping Fastor restaurants and other food joints implement their regular operations with zero contact. This offline to online innovation is planned in such a way that customers wouldn’t require a physical menu card, they can simply avail their unique QR code placed on the table to automatically be directed to the menu without even downloading any app, and place their order digitally.

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