Time For Some Fun! How To Unleash Your Creativity With Empty Flower Pots At Home?

During this lockdown most people are trying their hands at creative stuff now that they need to find something to pass through hard times. Not only are they keeping themselves busy but are also understanding their creative callings better. While some are discovering individual easy-to-make home recipes, others are learning trying their hands on baking. Some of them are utilizing this period for self-care.

If you are one of them who is looking out for opportunities to get creative at home, here are some interesting and fun ways with which you can have fun simply with empty flower pots.

* You can use the pot as a candle stand. It need not be grand to look at, just use small flower pots as containers within which you can keep small, scented candles. You can even paint the pot to make it look grab attention and place them in a corner of your house.

* Ceramics like stoneware and porcelain are regarded as microwave-friendly, and as such, you can pick them to bake tiny cakes.

* You can also keep empty flower pots in the home garden, for birds to come and feed. Additionally, you can reserve one such pot exclusively for their food and water.

* This one will certainly be your go-to option, but definitely, you can make a pencil/pen holder out of a little flower pot. And if it is slightly spacious, you can even add more things like paint brushes, sketch pens, and other stationary items.

* Clean it extensively and use it in the kitchen as a cutlery stand/holder, or as a container to place food and water in.

* Finally, if you want to gift something to a friend or a relative, you can use the flower pots to plant some succulents. This DIY gift idea can then be thoughtfully given to a loved one for any occasion — weddings, birthdays, etc.

Do you think you have more quirky ideas to utilize flower pots? Let us know!

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