Know More About Japan’s Latest Technology ‘Fugaku’ To Treat Covid-19- Read!

Learn more about Japan's latest technology Fugaku to treat coronavirus

Fugaku, being the world’s fastest supercomputer is utilising its extraordinary technology to track prospective solutions to treat coronavirus. Japan has touched the skies with its TOP500 site due to its supercomputer, which scrutinizes the evolution of computer processing power. The position was dominated by the US and China, since 2011.

Speaking of its expertise, Fugaku can perform over 415 quadrillion computations within seconds, which is 2.8 times quicker than the Summit system developed by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in America. The supercomputer was developed over the past six years by the Japanese technology giant Fujitsu and Riken and can test thousands of substances within a week.

The supercomputer is 1,000 times speedier than an ordinary computer and can be utilised to identify nuclear explosions, perform virtual weapons testing and model climate systems. Fugaku can be used to scan the aftermath of an earthquake and tsunami, and chalk out well-planned escape routes.

By next year it is expected to become fully operational and experts are also hoping the 130 billion yen supercomputer will help to come up with potential treatments for Coronavirus from nearly 2,000 existing drugs, including those that have not yet reached the clinical trial stage.

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