How to find filters on Instagram story: Easy Guide to follow

A filtered guide to find your filters

Instagram story is a widely used feature allowing one to post photos, boomerangs, videos etc. As more and more people started utilizing this feature, Instagram enhanced this feature by introducing filters. It has varied filters to choose from. Each filter having different tones and textures.

Its quirky range of filters and game polls makes the feature even more entrancing. Filters add spice to your Instagram stories making them look exquisite.

While you may have already seen many of these filters in your friend’s Instagram stories, and wonder where did they get the filter from? Don’t worry amigo, we will guide you to fetch for the hidden treasure of filters. It’s not as tricky as it looks like. Follow the simple steps given below and make your Instagram stories 10 times more attractive!!!

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Steps To Follow To Fetch Filters On Instagram Story:

Step 1: Launch Instagram on your device.

Step 2:  On the homepage, swipe right to access the Instagram camera

OR click on ‘Your Story’ icon on the top left of your newsfeed.

Step 3: Once you open the camera, you will see a round icon on your screen to click a picture. You need to swipe all the way to left until you get the option of ‘Browse Filters’

blank screen

Step 4: Tap on the ‘Browse Filter’ icon to browse through a varied range of filters.

Step 5: Once you are in the ‘Effect Gallery’. You can tap on any filter to try. Click on the ‘Try It’ button and your camera will open with that filter.


Step 6: After trying the filter, you can either send it to your friends by tapping on the ‘Send to’ option or you can even skip sharing and save the photo to your gallery by clicking on ‘download’ button. You can even, however, send as well as save the filtered photo.

Step 7: You can post the filtered photo on your Instagram story by tapping on the ‘Your Story’ button.

Steps To Get Your Desired Instagram Filter Through A Creator:

Creators and bloggers often use these filters to make their stories look attractive. So here’s a little hack to get innumerable filters in one go. To do so, you need to go on the creators/ bloggers profile. Now click on the small round icon bearing their photo and view the story filters that they have created. Choose the one you like and use it for your Instagram stories by clicking on ‘Try It’ button.

Image credits: Republic India

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