Fashion Faceoff: BTS or NCT who wore THIS Prada Spring collection better?

BTS and NCT wore the same designer outfit, but who slayed them better? You decide.

As famous singing personalities, one of the most distinct thing about BTS and NCT are their fashion statements. Both enjoy wearing different styles and the latest fashion collections. This sometimes means they end up wearing the same outfit. However, with their varying physique and sense of style, each outfit looks different when the other wears it.

Check it out!

Prada Spring Collection 2020- Menswear

NCT 127

The famous K-pop band members Yuta and Jaehyung wore the same outfit for their March 2020 issue of Spur Magazine Japan.

The duo looked super handsome and smart in these outfits and carried it with their own sense of swagger.


Meanwhile, BTS’ August 2020 issue of Vogue magazine saw members RM and J-Hope wearing the exact same outfit from the Prada Spring collection.

While RM wore the same outfit as Yuta in a pink parka, his picture seemed like a calm person chilling. Whereas Yuta’s picture was more playful and adorable.

Additionally, J-Hope wore the same outfit as Jaehyung and while Jaehyung looked fresh and smart, J-Hope oozed classy and endearing vibes.


BTS and NCT have always been known to carry their own latest fashion styles. Both bands make unique statements with their outfits. Apart from the talented singing, fans are always in awe of their fashion choices. 

The question here is, who slayed these outfits more? Was it RM and J-Hope with their natural style or Yuta and Jaehyung with their boyish charm?
Let us know in the comments below.

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