Netizens are concerned about former AOA member Mina after seeing scars on her wrist

Here's how fans reacted to former AOA member Mina's wrist scars

The former member of AOA, Mina is an avid social media users, who always makes sure to have her fans informed and updated about her day-to-day life. Mina has assured fans on multiple times that she was fine following the recent bullying controversy took the internet by storm.

She had recently taken to Instagram and uploaded a series of pictures taken in a photoshot style. While sharing those photos on Instagram, Mina wrote a caption “…”.

In the photos, Mina looks as grogeous as ever and seemed to be doing well. However, some eagled-eyes fans noticed scars on her wrist.

AOA Member MINA Wrist Scar

As soon as they noticed scars on Mina’s wrist, many were concerned and hoping that she was doing well as they were reminded of the mental trauma Mina had to go through. Earlier, Mina had exposed another former AOA member, Jimin’s bullying, and revealed to fans about her trauma and self-harm.

This incident had led to JIMIN apologize to Mina but the latter did not take her apology seriously. Since then, she has been constantly in touch with her fans by posting her pictures on social media.

With the recently uploaded photos, fans and netizens were also comforted to see Mina posing professionally and looking happy.

There are fans who still comfort Mina on her Instagram account saying “We love you”, “Hey Mina! We are all happy you are better! We love you always and we will never ever leave you and betray you!!”, “I’m proud of you”, “You’re doing amazing.” , “Thank you for being comfortable sharing your scars, we will love you no matter what” and “keep on smiling, love you.

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