Esha Gupta has THIS to say on trolls calling her “Gareebon Ki Angelina Jolie”

Esha Gupta has finally spoken up about her comparison with Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie.

Esha Gupta is one of the hottest Indian actresses. She is an avid social media user and makes sures to keep her fans updates and informed about her day to day life. Esha Gupta has always been in the news for being compared to Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie for her uncanny resemblance with Tom Rider actress.

In a recent Instagram live chat with Bollywood Life, Esha Gupta has spoken up about how she feels when people call her Greebon Ki Angelina Jolie. The Bollywood hottie said that she gets annoyed when she come across of her comparison with Angelia Jolie.

Esha said, “I’ll be honest, I still don’t see it. Well, I may have seen it a couple of times, when people do that collage with two posters. So, at that time, the pictures they actually picked up, even I was like, ‘Ok, maybe. The thing is though how we see ourselves like literally, I’m not saying deep inside, but how we see our looks, people see us very differently. And it took me some time to realise that, so, in my head, I don’t see that at all, not even one bit. Also, for me, I’ve always felt that I look like my mother. But, when people say it, and like I said, when they put the pictures together, then I’m like, ‘Yeah, maybe!'”

She added, “She’s one of the hottest women. You know what annoys me, well…not anymore, but what used to annoy me was when people would be nasty earlier, and would love to troll…now they’ve become less bitter. However, people would call me, ‘Oh…gareebon ki Angelina Jolie.’ And, I used to say, ‘Yeah, but you’re calling yourself gareeb there.’ I’m not saying that, I did not ask to look like this, it’s my parents’ production and I look like this.”

“It took me some time to realise the fact that there will be a small section of people who will always be unhappy with whatever you do. Not just for me, but for everyone. That’s how they are, and I just stopped caring about it after a point. Look at her though, she’s not only one of the hottest, I really wish I had talent like her or be where she is…I really wish that. And she has Brad Pitt by the way…so,” she further added.

Esha Gupta, who appeared in various Bollywood movies including Chakravyuh, Humshakals Raaz 3D, Rustom, Baadshaho and Total Dhamaal, was recently seen in ZEE5 web series RejctX.

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