Ekta Kapoor gives befitting reply to trolls, reveals Hindustani bhau threatened rape on social media

Ekta Kapoor finally breaks her silence on the FIR launched by YouTuber Hindustani Bhau. She called out the latter for allegedly threatening rape on a social platform.

Ekta Kapoor has recently been at the receiving end of unending hate on social media.
Recently, while speaking to Shobha De, Ekta Kapoor addressed the threats and nationwide
flack she has been facing on social media. Ekta shared, “As an individual and as an organization we are deeply respectful towards the Indian army. Their contribution to our well being and security is immense. We have already deleted the scene that is being spoken about so the action has been taken from our side. What we don’t appreciate is the bullying and the rape threats by the trolls.”

She also elaborated on how the topic which began from insulting the Indian Army has now become an excuse for cyberbullying and threats. “Of course when we got to know that there’s also an FIR that has been launched, we removed the content immediately. The content aside, I don’t mind my team coming up with an apology and to put out an apology for the army officer’s wives because we have no problem with them. But something else started simultaneously, which irritated me the most and that’s cyber-bullying. The gentleman (referring to Hindustani Bhau), who thinks he’s ‘the patriot of the year’, decided to come out there and abuse my mother, abuse me, and has now, apparently, openly put out a rape threat on a social platform. This is now no longer about the army or sexual content because the irony is you want to rape a girl and rape her brother and rape her mother, her 71-year old mother, for making sexual content. In other words, sex is bad, but rape is okay,” she added.

Ekta further said that she will now stand strong in the face of all this crude hate as her silence will make her seem vulnerable and weak. She also admitted to mistake and sleight on their part but has decided to not give trolls the satisfaction of seeing her break. “You have been obscene to women. You have not cared to understand who has produced the show, too, as you’ve not tagged anyone else, and you want to rub my nose in the ground. Well, you’re not getting a chance,” she said.

Kudos to you Ekta Kapoor!

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