Durgamati Gets Leaked On Tamilrockers & Other Torrent Sites For Free Download

Bhumi Pednekar starter 'Durgamati' has been leaked on Tamilrockers and various torrent sites for free downloads and streaming.

The most anticipated movie Durgamati has been released on Amazon Prime Video. Bhumi Pednekar Starrer this thriller movie will give you the chills when a murder convict meets a queen’s ghost. Durgamati has been leaked on numerous illegal torrent websites including Tamilrockers, Piratebay, and Movierulz. You may even be able to find it on other torrent websites that put up pirated content in HD quality.

Durgamti: The Myth is a remake of Ashok’s Telugu hit Bhaagmathie(2018). Bhaagmathie was starred by Anushka Shetty who had done an amazing job in portraying the feeling of the character. Bhumi Pednekar is set to have a tough challenge considering the aura and acting Anushka had done during Bhaagmathie.

If you have seen Bhaagmathie you are sure to find it difficult to adjust to Bhumi Pednekar’s acting and based on the trailer netizens were not happy to see her acting and said that it was lacking in many ways and could not be compared to Anushka Shetty’s acting.


Durgamati which is set to release today on Amazon Prime has now been leaked out and can be found to stream and download for free on Tamilrockers and other torrent websites. Streaming or downloading such content on sites like Tamilrockers, Piratebay, and Movierul, etc is illegal and should be avoided at all costs.

Durgamati getting leaked on Tamil rockers will have a huge impact on the cast and the reputation of the movie. Durgamti will be facing huge losses due to the leak and will have a considerably low streaming rate on Amazon Prime.

As a respected media organization, we do not support or promote such pirated content websites like Tamil rockers and various other torrent websites on the web. We do not recommend you to stream or download Durgamati from such websites as it is illegal and you could land into trouble if caught by the cybercrime.

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