Drinking Water In Midnight May Give You Sound Sleep, Decrease Obesity: Study

Research has found that poor quality of sleep likely to be a major predictor of junk food lusts, and it was associated with greater obesity, acidity, diabetes and other health issues.

If you are the keen of munching junk food in the middle of the night, It means that you are becoming a fatty and can result in poor sleep and obesity, a current study has revealed.

In the University of Arizona in Tucson, US. Michael A. Grandner from Department of Psychiatry has suggested that sleep deprivation can lead to junk food cravings at night, which may lead to increased unhealthy snacking at night, which then leads to obesity. While if you take a glass of water in the middle of the night then it works as a good formula to get a perfect sleep.

Finally, the inspection showed that about 60 per cent of the candidate reported regular nighttime snacking and about two-thirds found that lack of sleep led them to wish more junk food. While 70 per cent of participants reported a good sleep as they take a glass of water regularly at mid of night.


The team also observed that junk food lusts were connected with double the increase in the likelihood of nighttime snacking, which was associated with an increased risk for a decrease in the amount of insulin.

“Good sleep is increasingly accepted as an important role in health. However, the study shows how eating and sleeping both are important factors affecting our obesity,” the study stated.

(Inputs from IANS)

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