Did You Know You Can Make Nail Paints At Home With These Easily Available Kitchen Ingredients?

We bring you an easy recipe to help you make nail paints at home

Lockdown has certainly taken a toll on our health with the growing isolation and alienation, but let us not forget that it is the only period to put our creative bent of mind in place especially with regard to self-care. We keep laying stress on the need to go natural, to use home-based remedies for all our beauty treatments — hair and skincare.

Now, we bring you another easy-peasy DIY recipe, at your fingertips when you are looking to apply a fresh coat of nail paint, but have exhausted options at home. Stepping out to buy one may seem unnecessary and risky at this point, so here is a step-by-step guide of how you can make one at home.

Things you need

50g – Jaggery
1 tsp – Mehendi/henna powder
20g – Cloves


* Grind the block of jaggery to make it into fine powder. After this, put it in a bowl, make a little space at the centre and place the cloves in between.

* Place another bowl on top of the previous bowl and place it on the gas stove to get heated. In roughly 10 minutes, you will notice steam oozing out which, in some time, will turn into water.

* Then you can add the henna powder to this watery mixture. You can then apply a coat on the nails when the whole thing cools down a little. For this, you can use a cotton swab. This will stay on your nails for a prolonged period.


Unlike nail polishes which gets wiped out after a few days, and make the nails look uneven and dull, this natural nail paint will stay for at least two weeks. It will come out on its own. At times, the chemical composition of artificial nail paints can cause natural skin to fall out. Jaggery, cloves and henna will prevent the nails against infections, and keep them healthy.

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