Check Out What Deepika Padukone Can Eat Repeatedly For The Rest Of Her Life!

Check out what Deepika Padukone can gorge on for the rest of her life

Deepika Padukone’s love for food deserves special mention. The actress has totally indulged herself into cooking a wide array of delicacies during the induced lockdown. Recently, she revealed one of her favourite food.

Deepika took to Instagram to conduct an Ask Me Anything session, where she was questioned about that one particular thing she could eat for the rest of her life. She disclosed it was rasam with white rice and mango pickle.

Take a look:


Deepika's Instagram post

She further revealed her love for South Indian filter coffee and chai, adding even she makes some remarkable tea.

During such unprecendented times, boosting your immunity should be your ultimate goal. The recipe for this special recipe is given by nutritionist Nmami  Agarwal, using thyme, a multipurpose herb that is known to take great care of sore throat, cold and even gastritis.

To make filter coffee, all you need is a mix of boiled water and ground coffee powder (different from instant coffee powder) and coffee filter utensils to enjoy an authentic steaming cup of filter coffee.

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