Darshan Raval Releases Monsoon Single Titled ‘Ek Tarfa’ Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

Darshan Raval Releases Monsoon Single Titled 'Ek Tarfa' Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

This coronavirus induced lockdown has taken a toll on all of us. During such trying times, singers and musicians are creating soul-stirring music from the confinement of their homes to uplift our spirits, since entertainment industry has practically come to a standstill. Added to this is Darshan Raval who stays true to his yearly tradition, and has released his annual monsoon single titled Ek Tarfa.

Widely recognized for his melodious voice, Raval says that this song is contrasting from his usual numbers as it has a lot of pop and rock beats in it. “It was a beautiful experience. Saal mein sabse zyada maza mujhe barish ka gaana banane ka hota hai. Every year, I wait for the monsoons so that I can make a monsoon song. My fans are also equally excited about it every year. Although, this year it was very challenging to make the song but in the end, it feels like everything happens for a reason,” says the singer.

This stands as Raval’s sixth consecutive monsoon number and it was enormously taxing to create this song due to the lockdown for him but eventually, everything fell in place. “It was a little difficult because when you do something in person, it gets easier but thanks to the technological advancements now, I didn’t feel at any point that I was alone. I could communicate with everyone involved, digitally and the only problem we had was while shooting the song. Baarish ke mausam mein shoot karna waise bhi difficult hota hai and this time, we had a lot of limitations because of the trying times that we are in, but eventually, there was so much excitement in me and in my team that we managed,” says the Meherma (Love Aaj Kal) singer.

The pandemic has brought a lot of harm to the entertainment industry and Raval adds that shutting down of live performances is the biggest setback. But he says it’s fine. “Right now, we have to take care of ourselves first. That’s the only way ki hum apne desh ka aur duniya ka dhyaan rakh payenge. One good thing about our profession is that we can make music at home and entertain people from the comfort of our homes. So at least, I am doing that and I am thankful for that,” he adds.

Since actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s passing away, the internet has turned into an ugly war zone of words with people openly talking about issues such as nepotism, favoritism and groupism. But Raval says that striving to perfect your talent should be your primary goal and things will find a way. “We have to believe in ourselves and our talent. That is the only way to make it big. And when your heart is pure, people will inevitably support you. My journey has been extremely beautiful. I would say all my struggles were also beautiful because if not for them, I would have never been where I am today,” says the Asal Mein singer.

As published in Hindustan Times, he adds further that he got a lot of support from people and he is extremely grateful to them all for his success. “When you are passionate and believe in yourself, when you don’t let the negative energies affect you, then nobody can stop you. Everyone who is at the top of any industry had once started from zero. So, we should never see the negative, we must focus on the hard work that people go through to reach to the top and that will help you stay positive,” he signs off.

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