Here Are 9 Lesser Known Facts About Sunny Leone’s Husband Daniel Weber-Read!

These 9 facts about Sunny Leone's husband Daniel Weber you can't overlook!

Sunny Leone is gaining a strong foothold in Bollywood with her varied releases, her husband and business partner, Daniel Weber has a huge role to play in it. Let’s unravel some lesser known facts about Daniel Weber.

Daniel and Sunny

1. Sunny Leone reveals Daniel Weber’s condition to venture into acting

Sunny Leone who has been mesmerizing the audiences with her bold acting in films is all gearing up to produce her first Bollywood feature film and is reportedly going to be a part of it.

Apart from a sky-rocketing film career, the star is also a businesswoman and a doting mother to three adorable children. Managing work and home seems like a laborious task. She reportedly said that her husband Daniel is quite supportive of her. When questioned about his views on also venturing into the showbiz business as an actor, she reportedly said that his conditions regarding acting are hilarious and that he would only act provided his lines are only in English.


Daniel and Sunny

2. Daniel on being supportive towards wife Sunny

Sunny Leone has been simultaneously shooting for her TV show and also promoting three films, all of which released this year. Sunny usually shares a good bonding with her co-stars and is often seen hanging out with them, even after her shoot schedules.

When asked if Daniel Weber, ever feels insecure about her bonding with co-actors, Sunny Leone, in an interview with, was quoted as saying that she doesn’t think that her husband will ever feel insecure about her.  She stated that she feels, a man should be strong, intelligent – not necessarily bookish but in the way he talks and treats people, kind, generous, supportive and secure. She adds that an ideal man should understand how it is crucial at this age for women to be successful.

Daniel and Sunny

3. “No movie script offered to me is approved without Daniel’s permission” Sunny on her filmy career

While Sunny Leone is creating magic in Bollywood with her many releases, her husband and business partner, Daniel Weber is equally a part of it. In a Bombay Times report, the actress has admitted that all her scripts are approved by Daniel. “No script offered to me is approved without Daniel’s permission. I do not sign any contract without making him read it,” said Sunny.  She even credits her Bollywood career to Daniel.

Daniel and Sunny Leone


4.  Sunny on her first date with Daniel

Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber’s plenty of images on social networking sites bear witnesses to the intimate relationship that they share. Daniel apparently convinced Sunny Leone for six weeks to go on a date with him, stated a report on And Sunny wanted Daniel to reject her. She was quoted in an IANS report as saying that, “I wanted him to reject me, so I went late for my first date with Daniel.” As fate would have it, Sunny now credits Daniel as the most supportive man of her life.

sunny and daniel

5. Background of Daniel Weber

Daniel Weber is apparently a guitarist who hails from Los Angeles, but now is the business manager for Sunny Leone. He also heads their joint production company. Daniel is very protective about Sunny Leone and was quoted in the report as saying that, “In an Indian society, it is taboo to be in such a profession (adult films) but we love each other. I don’t have to deal with the tag of being a porn star or my wife being one. I own the production company and we share the best relationship. We are friends, business partners and together 24×7.”

Sunny and daniel


6.  Sunny on having the food FBI Daniel in her life

While Sunny Leone is not a fan of cooking, Daniel seems to be upright passionate about it. The actress was quoted as saying in a report, “My husband loves to cook. Whatever he cooks, I eat. He likes to cook different things. Even I cook different things for my husband.” She had also added that Daniel is the one who does all the healthy cooking while she cooks all the unhealthy food. Daniel apparently takes great care of what his dear wife eats. Sunny was quoted in a report as saying, “With Daniel around it’s as if I have the food FBI behind me telling me what not to eat because I have to remain in shape and diet and work out.”

Sunny and daniel on having food

7.  Special moments of Sunny and Daniel

Daniel Weber and Sunny Leone, like every other couple, too enjoy their quality moments. According to a report, the duo enjoys the time of their life at the breakfast table together. Sunny Leone was quoted as saying in a report, “Actually when Daniel and I are together at home, we enjoy cooking together a lot. Our favourite is the morning time when we can cook together and eat breakfast when it’s nice and quiet. That’s our time when it’s just him and me and we sip our coffee and so it’s our favourite meal of the day.”

Daniel and Sunny

8. Sunny on being pampered by Daniel

Daniel it seems likes to pamper his dearest wife with loads of gifts. In 2014, Daniel Weber had presented Sunny with a luxurious car. The actress had posted on micro-blogging site, Twitter, “Maserati bitches!! My new car!! Thank you @danielweber99 for gifting me the sickest car ever!!” [sic]. That is not all. Last year Daniel gifted the actress a custom-designed diamond and emerald necklace. In an IANS report, Sunny spoke about her husband rather fondly. She said, “He brings me the gifts that I like. I feel blessed to have a husband who heaps me with gifts.”

Sunny and Daniel 2

9. Daniel will be making his Bollywood debut

While Sunny Leone is growing closer to making it big in Bollywood, Daniel Weber too is going to join the line soon. Daniel is reportedly going to make his Bollywood debut and has been approached to play the lead role in Dangerous Husn. Daniel will be seen essaying the character of a musician in the film.

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