Cyclone Nisarga Update: Storm makes landfall in Alibaug, Mumbai may remain safe from its wrath

The cyclonic storm Nisarga has begun making landfall in Alibaug, Raigad. Mumbai experiences gusty winds and heavy rainfall, residents advised staying indoors for the next 6-7 hours.

The commercial capital of India may escape the severe damage caused by Cyclone Nisarga with only heavy winds and rainfall. The cyclone has made landfall in Alibaug in the Raigad district. The course of the storm is currently shifting towards the South coast of Gujarat, as the maximum wind speed is gushing at 100-110 mph.

Mumbai has the worst of the COVID-19 outbreak in India. The city has been experiencing heavy rainfall since Tuesday due to the weather conditions triggered by the storm. According to officials at Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), Mumbai will not come under the wrath of the severe cyclonic storm Nisarga and may escape any significant damage.

Cyclone Nisarga developed in the Arabian sea was forecasted to make severe landfall impact in the south of Mumbai. Following this, officials took upon large public safety measures including evacuating 40,000 people residing on the city’s coastline. Animals were also shifted to different zoos for safety.

The BMC has taken several preventive measures and asked Mumbaikars to prepare for the worst. A list of do’s and don’ts was also issued by the ministry to help people prepare for the cyclonic storm.

Reports suggest Cyclone Nisarga would have been the first in more than a century to make landfall in the financial capital of India.

Currently, all public commute has been prohibited and residents are advised to stay indoors till the cyclone passes.

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