You Can Now Use These 5 Clever Hacks Of Cotton Balls In Your Daily Routine-Tap Below!

These 5 clever hacks of cotton balls can be incorporated in your daily routine

Hacks and tricks always come in handy whenever there arises any complex situation. To let you know there are are numerous things you can do at home with everyday objects. These life hacks do not consume a lot of time and resources. Let’s unfold some interesting uses of cotton balls.

Below are listed the uses of cotton balls in your daily routine:

* Cotton balls can act as a relief for perfume bottles. While stepping out if you do not want to carry a bottle with you, just pour a few drops into a few cotton balls, and carefully place them in a zip pouch. The moment you need a touch-up, just dab the cotton on the neck and under-arm, and you are all set.
* This same trick can be used to make every nook and corner of your house smell blissfully serene. Just soak a few cotton balls in an essential oil of your choice, and place them in a bowl in a certain corner of the house. Additionally, you can also pour a few drops of vanilla extract on the cotton ball and place it in your cupboard for your clothes to smell great all the time.

* Another added benefit is that, you can also pack your makeup and carry it with you in a cotton ball. Wipe your favourite bronzer, blush, etc., on a cotton ball and put in a zip bag.
* Cotton balls can further prevent your feet from blisters. Keep it firmly in an area where you think your feet gets rubbed the most against the footwear. This will prevent even corns from popping up, or protect  vulnerable portions of the skin.
* While storing your jewellery, or carrying it somewhere, give it the much-needed protection and bolstering of cotton balls.

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