Coronavirus Update: India replaces Russia to becomes the 3rd nation with highest COVID-19 cases

24,248 new cases have been registered within 24 hours making India the 3rd worst hit nation in the world. Total tally now stands at 697,836 cases.

India recorded its biggest single day jump in Coronavirus cases on Sunday. With the number of cases rising to 697,836, India surpasses Russia to become the 3rd nation worst hit by COVID-19. The number of patients in Maharashtra jumped to 206,619 with 6,555 new cases only on Sunday. Delhi recorded the second highest spike with 2,244 new cases in a single day.

The Union Ministry and Health department recorded as many as 613 new deaths in a single day due to this outbreak. India now stands at the epicentre of this COVID-19 pandemic in Asia.

Mumbai being the hotbed for Coronavirus cases recorded the most number of cases in a single day. The state’s recorded death is nearing above 4,900. According to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), a total of 1,287 new COVID-19 cases and 69 deaths reported in Mumbai on Sunday.

State-wise Coronavirus cases tally

Maharastra is followed by Tamil Nadu as the second state with most covid-19 cases. Tamil Nadu surpassed Delhi with a recorded number of 1,11,151 cases. The state saw a massive surge in the number of cases recently. Delhi stands at a distinct third followed by Gujarat at 99,444 and 36,123 cases respectively.

Uttar Pradesh has reported 27,707 cases of which 18,761 have recovered and 785 patients are dead. West Bengal has reported 22,126 positive cases so far of which 14,711 patients have recovered and 757 patients have lost their lives due to the virus. In Rajasthan, as many as 20,164 people have confirmed COVID-19, of which 15,928 recovered and 456 people succumbed to it. Kerala, which reported the country’s first COVID-19 case, has recorded 5,430 positive coronavirus patients so far.

Meanwhile scientists in India have claimed evidence of the virus being airborne. They claim that smaller particles of the novel Coronavirus in the air could infect a large number of people. India has urged the World Health Organization to revise and review its recommendations with immediate urgency.

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