Do You Feel Confused About Everything? Don’t Worry It’s Not A Bad Thing.

You don't have to feel bad about being confused. Just accept your traits as your own and set your life at your own pace.

Being confused, at every moment, is looked down upon as if a grave crime has been committed. Don’t you feel like being confused is also a part of the many emotions we go through everyday? That is also a part of us, something which has equal contribution in shaping our personality. Then why does it become necessary to make sense of everything around us or to make it look like picture-perfect? Why can’t we embrace confusion?

Sorry to disappoint you guys! But, confusion is not a bad thing. It encompasses an integral part of the learning process. If you want to grow and expand in the horizons of life, you have to learn. The willingness to be confused is an epitome of intelligence. Confusion eventually leads to a better understanding and this calls for a process that is earned. What brought you to your current state is your undying capacity and determination to learn.

Having a negative relationship with confusion leads to a negative association with learning. Wanting to be sure of everything is running away from learning. Denying confusion is being closed-minded and reluctant to growth and change. You are held back if you deny confusion.

Of course, being confused can be a scary place to be and that fear can immobilize you. But your reaction to it makes all the difference. You can either take this in your stride and look forward to a greater mindset or you can be simply happy standing at the same place.

All learning stars with a journey of curiosity and exploration. At this path of learning there are always obstructions and challenges, which makes confusion more confusing. It comes with doubt and uncertainty. In order to pave your way through this confusion you need focus and perseverance.

The brain doesn’t want to remain confused and tries to make sense of everything. One of the most confusing things for your brain is emotional challenges. The brain wants to analyze, understand, and define emotions, but emotions cannot be analyzed logically.

The more the head tries to resolve the so-called emotional problems the more it back-fires. The head is trying to sort out issues it is not accountable for. Allowing your emotions to be experienced is both the job of the body and the heart, otherwise, the team will fail. Reassure your brain to trust your heart.

You are not supposed to be at anyone else’s level but your own which sounds perfect. When you tend to live with the belief that you should be more successful, or have more money, or achieve more fame, you are degrading your self-worth.

Accepting and loving your current reality creates inner peace, which is necessary for making continuous change. You don’t have to escape or rush this moment, you can simply let yourself be in it. If you are confused let yourself be confused. Every moment can be a blessing that you live inside, if you allow it to be.

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