Do You Know You Can Use Coconut Milk To Boost Hair Growth And Flaunt Those Silky Locks? Check HOW!

Coconut milk is known to benefit when included in your hair care regime. See how!

Coconut milk is a must have in our everyday life and also equally delicious. It is known to benefit the health at a great extent, too. However, it has immense benefits for the hair as well, and as such, you need to include it in your hair care regime.

The milk of coconut is said to encompass fats, proteins, sodium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium, along with nutrients like vitamin B12 and zinc. Together, these can boost the blood circulation in the scalp. Containing vitamin E and fats ensure that the hair is deeply-conditioned at all times.

Homemade coconut milk

It is advisable that you prepare coconut milk at home, so as to ensure better results. Just grate a fresh coconut and squeeze out its milk with the help of a muslin cloth. Next, take a pan and heat it, then you can pour the milk. Allow it to simmer for at least five minutes. Then, freeze it overnight.

Using the milk for hair care

The milk can boost hair care and growth. Heat ¼ cup of the milk and when slightly warm, massage it directly on the scalp for 10 minutes gently. The milk also acts as a conditioner, so once the scalp is covered, ensure to cover it through your tresses and all the way to the tips. Take a shower cap and cover your head for at least one hour. Once done, wash your hair with a regular mild shampoo and feel the difference.  Try this regularly once a week.

Adding lemon juice

You can also team it up with lemon juice, especially if you feel your scalp is oily all the time, and could use some cleaning. Just take four tablespoons of coconut milk and two teaspoons lemon juice. Mix them in a bowl and refrigerate for four hours. Let it stay for 45-50 minutes; cover your head with a shower cap. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo once you are done for a  nourished scalp.

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