Wanna Try These Fancy Colourful ‘Cloud Breads’ This Lockdown? View Recipe Here!

This weekend try your hands at baking this colourful cloud bread

Cooking fanatics, amid the lockdown, are coming forward to whipping up innovative dishes at home. Till now, we witnessed several new food trends on social media, from dalgona coffee to banana bread.

It seems like the eagerness around creating new dishes is not over yet. Recently, the food trend that is now going viral on social media is a fluffy, colourful bread or what is being dubbed “cloud bread”.

Apparently, the trend likely started surfacing after Anaa from Los Angeles shared the recipe video, reported Daily Mail.

Cloud bread requires only three main ingredients — egg whites, cornstarch and white sugar. All the ingredients are whisked together consistently till white peak forms. The resulting blend is then baked in the oven for a couple of minutes at a high temperature. As soon as it is ready, you will find it crispy on the outside and melting soft on the inside.

You can also add wholesome food colours to the batter to add flavour to the cloud bread, besides almond slices, sprinkles, and strawberries. It can also be baked in a customized pattern or shape.

As much as our Indian Flag holds colours, so do this cake. Are you up this weekend to try this colourful recipe?

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