CarryMinati’s YouTube channel ‘CarryIsLive’ hacked; hackers ask for Bitcoin donations

On his YouTube channel CarryIsLive, CarryMinati mainly posts videos related to gaming. 

Popular YouTuber Ajey Nagar — who is popularly known by his channel name —  CarryMinati’s YouTube channel was reportedly hacked earlier Saturday (July 25, 2020). Not his YouTube channel ‘CarryMinati’, his another YouTube channel, CarryIsLive appears to have been hacked.

Yes, you read that right! On his YouTube channel CarryIsLive, CarryMinati mainly posts videos related to gaming.

Hackers broke into CarryMinati’s YouTube channel and requested people to make Bitcoin donation. As soon as CarryMinato learnt his YouTube account got hacked, he took to Twitter informing YouTube about the hack and asked for immediate assistance.

The video streaming platform first apologized in a reply to the tweet and asked him to connect over DM to recover the channel.

Team YouTube tweeted, “We’re really sorry this happened. Mind following us so we can continue with next steps over DM?”

Notably, the news of CarryMinati’s YouTube channel being hacked comes a few days after Twitter accounts of International personalities like Bill Gates, Barack Obama and Elon Musk appeared to have been hacked, or fallen prey to a crypto-related scam.

The fans of CarryMinati held held YouTube’s security responsible for the breach. They shared their concerns… with memes on Twitter.


After being compromised for quite some time CarryMinati has reportedly gained access to his YT channel. The display photo of the channel has temporarily been removed.

Hackers reportedly changed the description of the account with account details for bitcoin donation. They also streamed CarryMinati’s old Bihar Charity stream with the description for Bitcoin’s address.

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