CarryMinati Lashes Out At His Trolls With His Rap Song Titled “Yalgaar” – Click To Know More!

Popular Yotuber CarryMinati released his rap sog called "Yalgaar."

Popular YouTuber CarryMinati , aka Ajay Naher, took the Internet by storm with his latest rap-song titled “Yalgaar” and made his fans sit on cloud nine. He has also been making headlines for his roast on Tiktokers. He came up with a video titled “YouTube vs TikTok” which went viral all over social media. The video was eventually removed as it infringed the rights of LGBTQ community due to his inappropriate usage of one of their categories while roasting.

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CarryMinati deliberately takes a dig at YouTube as well as Tiktoker Amir Siddiqui. We hear him sing “video giraake pure desh ka dil dukhaya (you hurt my fans by pulling down the video)” He goes on to further add how YouTube also raked in money with his content and how they “ate my business.”
He raises concern over the fact that they encourage English slangs but have objections against Hindi.

Just as Carry Minati’s song was dropped on YouTube, it created a rage everywhere with netizens coming out in support of the song and making memes and creative posts about it. Through the song Yalgaar, Carry Minati pours his heart out and narrates his side of the story. He also clears the mist on how he will not back out and also slams those, who betrayed him during the controversy. He ends the song with ‘Carry Roast Karega’, making it loud and clear that he is not running away from the battleground so soon.

He goes on to mention TikTok user Amir Siddiqui, making sure to keep the YouTuber vs TikTok argument on point. He claims Siddiqui played the “victim card” and that he is all about “reach.”
CarryMinati’s video YouTube vs TikTok- The End was the first time when the YouTuber spoke against a single individual.

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