Carry Minati gets emotional claiming his words were taken out of context

The latest video after "Youtube vs TikTok" has already garnered 19 million views and 4.9 million likes on YouTube.

In a now viral video, YouTuber Carry Minati urges people to stop making assumptions and explains his side of the story. The video is trending #1 in India and has crossed the 20 million mark.

Carry clarifies that his words were taken out of context and misinterpreted. He explained his statement against TikToker Amir Siddiqui, “mithai ki dukan mein le jaunga 200rs mein bik jayega” was only in context with TikTok’s branding. The statement however drew strong criticism from the LGBTQI community.

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Carry further added translating his words from Hindi to English changes the meaning of his roast drastically. He also requested people to not misuse the video to suit their benefits. Check out the video below.

On Saturday, Carry Minati also shared an Instagram note expressing his feelings and thanking his fans. The note read, ” Growing up, all i ever wanted to do was make videos and entertain people and i have given up my hopes, dreams, blood, sweat and whole life on the platform.” The YouTuber also expressed his confusion and frustration over YouTube’s action against his video.

Source: Instagram

The “YouTube vs TikTok” video created a social media storm on the Internet. However, it got taken down for violating YouTube’s cyberbullying policies. Hashtags like #JusticeForCarry and #BanTikTokIndia were trending on number 1.

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