Live Like The Queen: THIS Buckingham Palace Innovation By Parkdean Resorts Will Give You A Royal Homestay

Have a look at this royal caravan which will instantly let you feel of the Buckingham Palace.

Your dream to live life king-size may soon come true. An innovative initiative set up by one Parkdean Resorts, has crafted a caravan/camper to give a look of the Buckingham Palace. Called the ‘Royal Caravan’, its inside was recently revealed, and it is an uncanny resemblance of the royal residence of Queen Elizabeth II.

Guests can reside in the caravan which, according to the Parkdean Resorts website, comprises of two bedrooms that can accommodate four persons. It also flaunts an iconic parlour and a second powder room. Its features and designs include thrones, wherein you can make your way into true royalty and relax, a toilet that is made of gold, a walk-in wardrobe, plush bedding, space for rare wine collection, and a fridge in which you can stock the world’s finest confectionery.

According to the Insider, a weekend stay here starts at $210 (or Rs 15,714), which is just $17.50 (Rs 1,309) per day per person, between four guests. The caravan is situated in Cayton Bay, UK. When you walk in, you first stumble upon the throne room, which is decorated in red velvet. There are Union Jack pillows placed on the thrones.

There is a small dining room wherein you can enjoy a fine dining like the Queen herself. The caravan is dog-friendly, meaning you can bring your pet along, and get them to sleep in a royal bed, too.

There is also a fully functional kitchen in the camper which hints at elegance and features a chandelier. Both the bathrooms are gold-themed, making you feel like you are in the abode of the finest luxury. You can make reservations on the website, and guests are treated in a first-come, first-serve basis.

The full cost of royal-themed renovation of the camper is believed to be around $130,000.

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