BTS Member V Shares Adorable Pictures Of His Dog Yeontan, Proves That Tannie Has His Own Fandom

Can the Tannie ARMY, please stand up!

BTS member V often treats the ARMY with the goofy pictures of his cute little muffin, Yeontan and trust me it’s truly a delight to watch him.

As August 2020 is going to be hectic time for BTS, V aka Taehyung is spending as much quality as he can with his family members including his cute as a button pet dog Yeontan. Check out these Tannie’s snaps shared by TaeTae on Weverse below.

This week, ARMY has given no space to breathe as BTS unveiled announcements one after the other. On August 21, the septet is all set to release a new English single which will have upbeat vibes similar to MicDrop and Waste It On Me. The bangtan boys also announced their new reality show SOOP BTS ver, which is set to be aired from August 19 on JTBC in South Korea. As the schedule for BTS members is going to be fully loaded with work, the boys are currently spending quality time with their families.

From the past few days, V has been staying at his family home as revealed by the 24-year-old singer’s Weverse posts and even during his video call interaction with Wooga Squad members Park Seo-joon and Choi Woo-shik on a recent episode of Summer Vacation. V is emotionally attached to his cute nugget pet dog Yeontan. Recently, TaeTae shared four adorable snaps of Tannie on Weverse and they truly are beyond cuteness. Seeing the fluff ball grow right in front of ARMY’s eyes, it’s adorable the way he looks now. Talking about the video that V shared in which he can be seen petting Yeontan’s hair in an affectionate manner will make you ‘aww’.

Check out Yeontan’s cute photos shared by V on Weverse below:

“That’s exactly it,” Taehyung captioned Tannie’s pictures which is similar to J-Hope’s Scar dialogue from The Lion King’s dubbing on Run BTS Ep 109.

Can the Tannie ARMY, please stand up!

Meanwhile, V recently revealed some details about his upcoming mixtape KTH1 sharing what a challenge it has been to make music on his own. Moreover, Jungkook shared that he’s heard some of his Taehyung hyung’s songs and they are “so good.”


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