BTS V’s Global Fanbase V Union Begins Charity Campaign Under #PurpleMeansLove

BTS V's Global Fanbase V Union started a charity campaign under the the hashtag #PurpleMeansLov.

BTS is without a doubt one of the most popular K-pop band across the world. It consist of 7 members namely RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. The K-pop band debuted on June 13 2013, under Big Hit Entertainment and over the years it has become of the one of the most influential bands around the world.

Each and every member of BTS has their own fanbase but when it comes to the most popular BTS member, V aka Taehyung comes at number 1. Yes, you read that right! BTS member V has a huge ARMY, who always support him whenever he puts any post on social media or drops a solo and a group video.

His Global Fanbase V Union had recently started a charity campaign under the the hashtag #PurpleMeansLove, urging people to make a donation to Malana Fund, an organisation that helps and encourages girls throughout the world to learn and lead without fear.

The prime motive of launching #PurpleMeansLove campaign is to promote positivity and bring hope through donations to charities whose representative color is purple, for example: Alzheimer, domestic violence, thyroid cancer, lupus, etc.

“Purple is the last color of RAINBOW so it means it will trust and love your for a long time” — Kim Taehyung

BTS’ V has given a special meaning to Purple color and defined it a long-lasting love and trust. Purple is the color which also represents women empowerment, symbolising women’s rights & dignity. The fanbase V Union claimed to have made a donation to Malala Fund in Taeyhung’s name and urged its followers to do the same.

Taehyung’s iconic “I Purple You”(That’s BTS-speak for “I love you and trust you all!”) has impacted globally with the world’s most renowned organizations, brands & landmarks.

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