BTS’ V creates unprecedented record to become the only Artist to top the iTunes songs chart

"Sweet Night" composed and produced by BTS' V is now the only song to top the iTunes songs chart in 112 countries.

BTS recently broke Adele’s longstanding iTunes record when “Black Swan” reached No.1 in 104 countries. The track became the only song in the history of iTunes to reach these many countries. In their latest winning streak, BTS’ Taehyung has created history by becoming the only artist to top the iTunes Songs Chart in 112 countries. “Sweet Night” composed and produced by BTS’ V himself continues to gain popularity worldwide.

On 25th July, the OST of the highly successful Korean drama series ‘Itaewon Class‘ marked its 111th No.1 on iTunes. The song topped the charts in the British Virgin Islands.

A few hours later the iTunes record-breaking streak continued when Micronesia was added to
Sweet Night’s chart dominance. All this marked a new record for BTS’ V for being the first and only
artist in history to top the iTunes Songs Chart.

This is not the first time that a member of BTS has broken or created record-breaking tracks. Previously, RM’s Mono mixtape became the first album by an Asian pop star to reach No.1 on iTunes in 100. Aside from its renewed success, BTS’ V has also earned distinguished titles for his 7 times record to become the First Male Asian Soloist, and the Youngest Artist in the World to have achieved this milestone. With the unseen success of Sweet Night, the song also became the fastest in the history to achieve no.1 in 112 countries, which is just 135 days after release.

However, that being said BTS’ V has not fully conquered the iTunes songs chart worldwide. In order to do so, Sweet Night would need to become the top song in at least 119 countries. This ultimately means that BTS V only needs 7 more countries to become the only artist conquering the worldwide chart.

Sweet Night remains a fan favorite for its profound lyrics and BTS’ V’s soothing voice. The song has already won multiple accolades worldwide. Meanwhile, the ARMY cannot wait for the singer to release his upcoming mixtape later this year.

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