BTS’ V features in famous Russian group Friendzona’s song along with Hollywood actress Zendaya, showing his massive global fanbase

The popular Russian group Frendzona featured global icon's Taehyung and Zendaya is their latest video.

BTS’ V featured in a song called ‘КРАШ-ТЕСТ’ (Crash Test) along with famous American actress Zendaya. The song is released by popular Russian group Frendzona (Френдзона).

Frendzona debuted in 2018 and is on the top 40 charts of Russian celebrities. The duo is considered the new generation of Russian pop stars. Their songs received 76.5 million impressions and 1.9M upvotes with a YouTube subscriber base of 1.06 million.

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The newly released song introduced Zendaya and Taheyung calling “I’m not Zendaya but you ain’t Taehyung!”

BTS V aka Taehyung is known as the representative of K-Pop in Russia and has a massive fanbase in the country. Zendaya has often been called a role model and a global style icon in Hollywood and across the world.

Mayby Baby also showed her love for Zendaya as well as BTS’ V during TikTok’s viral Sexy Back Challenge.

BTS is currently taking the lead in improving the national image in Russia. Taheyung is the most recognized and admired personality in the country. His name is often used by local K-Pop artists.

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According to the Deer Zone Ranking, BTS is the most popular group in Russia with approximately 48,000 fan club members. As of May, BTS’ V ranked 4th with a total of 180,000 fan club members in the overall ranking of groups.

The singer is one the right path to becoming the most successful and overwhelmingly popular K-Pop artist in Russia and around the world.

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