BTS V REVEALS Why They Don’t Wear Clothes At Home

Taehyung exposes BTS's habit of not wearing clothes at home.

BTS is  arguably one of the most popular K-boy band around the world but they do not hide anything from their loyal ARMY. Currently, BTS members are currently busy studying and working on multiple projects. That’s the reason why BTS member V aka Taehyung did not come online on Weverse.

A few days after staying away from Weverse, BTS V has finally taken out time from his busy schedule to have conversation with his fans on July 17. V reportedly commented on various posts, including one of his look-alike.

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A fan wrote, “Taehyung, since you haven’t been here in a while, reveal lots of videos of the members… Reveal Taehyung’s album… We welcome the members’ faces within Taehyung’s phone any time.”

BTS V Fans

As per V, BTS members avoid sharing many personal pictures and videos as they could because of their ongoing fight against “oppression” to “protect [their] worth. Taehyung made a startling revelation saying that they don’t wear clothes when they at home.

BTS V Comment on Fan

That’s fine, but we (BTS members) have the tendency to have the free mind of wanting to stop oppression and protect our worth. So there aren’t many that showcase us when we wear clothes.

Wait, what? What?

This is surely too much information and it has sent BTS ARMY into a shock but to be honest… it explains a lot.

As per a BTS fan, you don’t need clothes if you’re a Bulletproof Boy Scout!

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