BTS’ V and Conan Gray plan to collaborate for a song

V and Conan Gray states they are 'fan' of each another.

Prepare yourselves for the most iconic collaboration of the century : V of BTS and Conan Gray, the aficionados of music. The two singers plan to collaborate for a song together. Both singers adore each other’s work and also call them ‘fan’ of one another. BTS’s V and Conan Gray acknowledged on Twitter that they want to collaborate.

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BTS’ V played Gray’s song on VLIVE

On May 7, V held a VLIVE livestream. During the livestream, V was seen playing Gray’s song “The Other Side”. A fan account then posted the video clip of V playing “The Other Side” on Twitter.

Gray saw the fan’s post and tweeted, “i love you :,))) @BTS_twt.”

V proposed a collaboration to Conan through his reply, “Let’s make a song together :)V.”

This prompted Gray to reply, “I would love to <3 i adore y’all !!”

Proof: V and Conan Gray are fans of each other

In an interview by Rolling Stone in October 2019, the band was asked what artists inspired them and V without any hesitation told the publication “Conan Gray.”

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When the article was published, Gray was elated by V’s answer and took to this instagram to express his excitement over V’s shout out.

MTV interviewed Gray and asked if he would ever collaborate with V or BTS.

Gray told MTV, “Oh my gosh. Look. V. Taehyung. I love you. I love you so much. Let’s make a song. Please hit me up! I’ll write the saddest song for you ever, and we can have such a good time! I would adore that!”

BTS fan’s reaction to V’s and Conan’s collaboration

BTS’s twitter account now follows Conan Gray igniting a hope among fans for their future collaboration. The fans have given a green signal and are excited to watch the aficionados perform together. They fully support the collaboration. A few comments showing the level of excitement of the fans:

“YES COLLAB WE LOVE TO SEE IT,” one fan tweeted.

A fan showed excitedly said “Finally I can say my dream is not a dream anymore it’s gonna be real like for real,”

“what if conan gray and taehyung is collabing for a track on taehyung’s solo album,” one fan speculated.

Hint: V might release a mixtape

On March 6, V and RM held a VLIVE to talk with BTS fans. In that VLIVE, he revealed that V has been writing songs. One of the songs he mentioned was  “Sweet NIght” a song featured in the Itaewon Class OST.

Recently, V hinted that he might release a mixtape of the songs he wrote. The BTS singer often removes time to play online games with fans and in a chatroom of a game, V said that a mixtape of his songs could be in his works.

V wrote in a message, “I wrote a several songs. Please anticipate it” according to a fan translation.

His second post read, “I should release a mixtape.”

Well, we can’t wait for the singers to officially declare their collaboration and come up with the song soon.

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