BTS Throwback: When V was left teary eyed after a heated argument with Jin

Throwback to the time when BTS' heartthrobs V and Jin got into a heated argument minutes before their showtime.

During BTS’ 2017 Wings tour, Jin and V had a very heated argument backstage about their choreography just minutes before their performance. The fight led both Jin and V teary-eyed. The fight was included in episode 4 of Burn the Stage, BTS’s candid, behind the scenes documentary.

While BTS is always known to be truthful to the ARMY and share their happy moments, this may be one of the first instances where the band members showed how ugly it can get.

What Happened?

The argument began when RM brought up a timing flaw in the choreography. BTS’ performances are made perfect because of the members in sync style. However, many outside factors play a huge role in changing the choreography.

When RM pointed out that the gap between him and Jungkook was too large, V realized that he would need to move to position “two” in order to make it right. V further told Jin to pick up his pace to make it to position “one” on time.

But when Jin told V that he had trouble judging the distance between markers, V dismissively told him to follow suit regardless. V also asked Jin to run faster and get to his mark to which he said he was already running as fast as he could.

The situation worsened when V refused to drop the subject, further frustrating Jin. The argument escalated when V took his remarks a bit too far.

At this point, other members of the band joined in to relieve the tension in the room.  BTS’ leader RM took matters into his own hands and reminded both V and Jin to get their acts together before the show.

A visibly teary-eyed V was consoled by Jin who was quick to apologize. Being a professional as they are both Jin and V set their differences aside for the sake of their fans and performed their heart out.

After the concert, the BTS gathered in their hotel room to discuss their pre-show argument. Other members of their band put their point of view forward. Later both Jin and V had a heart to heart honest conversation and apologized to each other.

It was only much later during private interviews that V and Jin shared how their argument only bonded them together. Both the singers have time and again proven that nothing is bigger than their friendship to each other.

Watch the full episode of Burn The Stage here:

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