BTS Has This To Say About Their Hollywood Debut And Acting

BTS members in an interview spoke about their desire to win a Grammy and make a name for themselves in Hollywood.

BTS has been in the headlines a lot lately and has garnered a lot of love, recognition, and support for their music worldwide. BTS has gone beyond every expectation that of a K-Pop band and is soaring high in the music industry, but what about getting into acting?

Every BTS member has a lot of talent and charisma to do well even if someday any of them decide to make a career in acting. In, an interview with a radio station SiriusXM, BTS members were asked a bunch of questions from which the Bangtan Boys were seen discussing their ‘New Years Resolution For 2021’, ‘Acting’, and more.


One of the hosts asked BTS, “In 2021, will we see any of you on the big screen in Hollywood?”. As we all know V had made his acting debut in the historical K-Drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth in the year 2016. Sadly since then, we did not get to see him acting in any more series as he solely focused on music.

Jin, who went to school for acting has also not made his debut in acting yet and we would definitely love to see him on the big screen for his acting. BTS members responded to the host’s question by giving shoutouts to their favorite Hollywood actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt.


After which RM went on to say “I mean, who knows. Some boyband from Korea gets GRAMMY nomination someday, no one believes it, maybe.”  Us seeing them on the big screen in the near future may be possible and we will definitely be waiting eagerly to see our favorite Kpop boyband BTS winning a Grammy maybe.


Like “Jungkook added after RM’s statement, “But not yet,”  since their major focus is on music at the moment and if it so happens ARMY members will definitely be waiting for them to make their Debut in acting.

Watch The Full Interview Here:

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