BTS’ Taehyung’s dreamy performance of ‘Stay Gold’ earns him megastardom, and a new nickname!

V has become one of the biggest global phenomena and there is no stopping him now.

BTS’ V is no stranger to being world-famous. Be it for stunning looks, deeply emotional voice, or his sense of style.

The Bangtan boys on June 22 held a live broadcast on CDTV Live for the promotion of their hugely loved Japanese track “Stay Glod”. The track is a part of BTS’ popular album Map of the Soul: 7 ~ The Journey ~

Taehyung’s vocals have long been a topic of discussion amongst audience and music critics. The ARMY cannot stop gushing over his deep soulful voice, that is perfect for any genre. V has the kind of voice that can awaken a romantic in anyone, the kind that makes one deeply feel any song’s lyrics.

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During the live discussion of “Stay Gold,” V shared his interpretation of the song.

He said, “It’s not just about good things in the world, but also about not forgetting to shine.

The sense with which V carries himself is highly admired amongst his fans and peers. The singer has varied nicknames to his credit due to his amazing voice.  Some of these include “healing voice” and “emotional vocal”.  The ARMY loves the intimate rustic edge in V’s voice that always manages
to wash over the listeners and calm their beating hearts.

With the release of Stay Gold, V has become increasingly famous not just in Japan but across the world. While previously he was called “the guy in the black” or “the guy in the bandana”, his nickname has quickly shifted as “the guy with glasses”.

Twitter trends were flooded with hashtags “man with glasses” and “BTS, glasses” as soon the broadcast ended. V was also the only member ranking in Japan’s celebrity list at the time also featuring on the 50th position of  Japan’s Hot 100 Yahoo Searches.

Watch the complete performance of Stay Gold below:

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