BTS: Taehyung hilariously dragged Dora The Explorer and the ARMY is in splits!

Looks like BTS' V and Dora The Explorer won't be collaborating anytime soon.

BTS V aka Taehyung is always making headlines one way or the other. Apart from being one of the most popular K-Pop band members in the world, he is also famous for his wit and humor. However, his recent comment has left the ARMY in splits. While talking on WeVerse, a fan mentioned the famous animation series Dora The Explorer and asked if anyone remembers the show.

While several fans nostalgically remembered the show, V was quick to chip in to mention his problem with Dora’s attitude. V hilariously pointed out how the show asked rhetorical questions only. “Dora the Explorer is a show with rhetorical questions, (she) let us choose answers then did what she wanted anyway,” his comment read.


Dora the Explorer is popular kids show meant to interact with viewers by asking questions. Dora then pauses to “hear” their responses. However, given the pre-recorded dialogues, in the end we see Dora do her own thing.

Taehyung’s reaction drew hilarious responses from his fans. No one could believe he dragged Dora the Explorer in this. Many fans also felt that she had it coming all along.

Take a look at some of the reactions here:

Well, it certainly looks like V and Dora the Explorer won’t be collaborating any time soon.

Meanwhile, TaeTae and Kookie shared a glimpse of their competitive side during Run BTS Ep 108. V and Jin beat Jungkook to win a round each of Gang Beasts. Their reactions won the internet.

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