THIS Story Behind BTS’ Suga’s Outro:Tear Is Enough To Make You Teary-Eyed. Find Out Why!

BTS Suga revealed the truth behind Outro:Tear

One of the most heart wrenching scenes in Break The Silence Ep 6 arrived at an OT7 lunch session when the members spoke about their retirement. Prior to the serious discussion, Jin disclosed to his members that his solo song, Tonight, had just dropped.

“I wrote most of the melody. As for the lyrics, I wrote most of them, too, but Namjoon helped me. I need Namjoon’s permission
,” the eldest member of BTS shared with Jungkook to which the Bangtan leader added, “If you ever get stuck, feel free to ask me for help.” Later into the episode, while Jungkook is getting some gaming advice from Jin, the 27-year-old singer showed ARMY the soundboard for Tonight and how he went about making the melody. “I wrote them all, thinking, ‘How would this melody sound?’ As for what you see here, I must have changed the melody about 10 to 20 times. That’s how it was made. I feel conflicted with this song,” Jin asserted while pointing at the soundboard.

During Break The Silence Ep 6, BTS member Suga revealed the emotions behind Outro: Tear. On the other hand, Jin even said why he didn’t want a large number of people listening to his heartbreaking solo“I want a lot of people to listen to it, but at the same time, I don’t want too many people to listen to it. I feel this way because the song is so sad. I want people who listen to my songs to be happy, so there’s a slight contradiction. As a singer, I want a lot of people to listen to my song and I want them to feel happy when they do. But this isn’t that type of a song. I only want people who felt the way I did to listen to the song. These two emotions were in conflict. Still, most ARMYs have listened to it, so I’m grateful and a bit regretful.”

Moreover, Jin also let out the fact that he was deeply motivated by his BTS bandmates to engage into songwriting as he confessed, “I didn’t think it concerned me. I thought songwriting wouldn’t concern me but I was influenced by the other members. If they didn’t write songs I never would have written them myself. But since everyone was doing it, I thought ‘It doesn’t look too hard. Maybe I can approach it more easily.’ It was possible because I have good people in my life.”

When this night passes, I’m afraid I won’t be able to see you. When this night passes, I’m afraid that I’ll be left alone,” were just some of the heart-rending lyrics written by Jin for Tonight.

On the other hand, Suga shared the backdrop of Outro: Tear, which is a fan favourite for ARMY. It was written by the rapper at a time when BTS was considering disbanding.

Because we’re a team, we’re able to lift up a member if they have troubles, but if we fall into a slump, it could make things hard for all seven members. I think that’s one drawback of being part of a team. The lyrics for Outro: Tear were written for the members. When I was writing the melody, at the time, we were deeply contemplating whether we should quit or not. When I played the song for the members, we all cried together,” the 27-year-old singer admitted.

As PinkVilla asserts,with lyrics like, “Although we used to talk about forever, now we break each other without mercy. Although we thought that we dreamed the same dream, that dream has finally become a dream,” ARMY was surely left into tears after Yoongi’s revelation and want of a repeat performance by the rap line as the song now has a new deeper, emotional meaning attached!

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